HMS Devonshire

The following versions of HMS Devonshire are available:
  • 1939
  • 1940
  • 1941
  • 1942
  • 1943
  • 1944
  • 1945


This model shows HMS Devonshire as she appeared at the start of 1939. I could not find the month when she was re-fitted to the 1940 version. This version could represent her in an early war engagement as she was assigned to the Home Fleet at the outbreak of war.

At this point her armament consisted of:

  • Eight 8in guns in twin mounts
  • Four single 4in AA guns
  • Four single 2pdr guns

She was initially equipped with a Seafox aircraft which was replaced at some point with a Walrus.

Waterline model

Model on base

Detail showing Seafox aircraft and position of 4 x 4in AA Guns


At some point between 1939 and 1940 she was upgraded to have:

  • Four additional 4in AA guns
  • Two Quad .5in MG
  • Walrus aircraft
Waterline model

Model on base

Detail showing Walrus aircraft and extra 4in guns


By this time she had:
  • Tripod masts
  • Two octuple 2pdr mounts aft
  • Two additional Quad .5in MG
  • Single 20mm guns on 'B' and 'X' turrets
Waterline model

Model on base


Five additional single 20mm AA guns were added.

Waterline model

Model on base

Early 1943

This model shows her as she was before her major refit which started in May 1943.
Changes included:
  • Two additional octuple 2pdr mounts either side of main mast
  • Single 20mm mounts replaced with twin 20mm mounts
  • Gun shields for the 4in AA guns

Model on base

1943 - 1945

This model shows her after her re-fit
Changes include:
  • Extensive bridge modifications
  • Removal of 'X' turret
  • Removal of all aircraft facilities (except the crane)
  • Crew shelters added
  • Total of six octuple 2pdr mounts
  • Total of eleven twin 20mm mounts 

Model on base

Detail showing 'X' turret area

The only change for 1945 is the addition of six single 20mm mounts

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